FIRST Tech Challenge

Accelerate Your Child's STEAM Education

FIRST® Tech Challenge (ages 12-18) is about more than just building robots. It's also about using those robots to compete in exciting challenges and competitions, where children must work together to complete complex tasks and solve intricate problems.

The Future Is Yours To Create

In the CENTERSTAGE℠ presented by Raytheon Technologies challenge, debuting September 9, 2023, FIRST Tech Challenge teams will raise the curtain on the power of design, creativity, and precision to create all new experiences.

Community Service

Our members make adaptive ride-on cars for kids with disabilities. These rides are designed with safety and convenience in mind. Learn about our Go Baby Go project and sponsor a ride!

Go Baby Go

Our Mentors

Guided by our very own Firestorm alumni, and industry advisors, students develop STEM skills and practice engineering principles, while realizing the value of innovation and teamwork.

Harrison Forsythe

2021-22 FRC 6341 Team Leader, Atlanta Droids FLL Lead Mentor.

Andrew Cua
Andrew Cua

2018-20 FRC 6341 Lead Programmer. Started Go Baby Go in Firestorm.

Maura Zaccagnino
Maura Zaccagnino

2022-23 FRC 6341 Team Leader. 2-time Safety All Star Awardee, Featured in Townelaker.

Elijah Wells
Elijah Wells

2022-23 FRC 6341 Co-Team Leader, Assistant Mentor Atlanta Droids FLL.