Filament Dry Box from Portable File Boxes

Filament Dry Box from Portable File Boxes

Mobile file boxes make excellent dry boxes. It has a hinged top lid that can store commonly used tools and parts your 3D printer needs. Inside, it has enough space for 3 - 1 kg spools and a plug-in dehumidifier.

Required Tools:

- 3D Printer
- Hacksaw or Pipe Cutter
- Metal File or Deburring Tool
- Drill

Let's Get Started

Print the Dehumidifier Tray
Assemble Dehumidifier Tray
Remove the metal flat bars from the hanging folder and insert them into the slot. Measure 1-7/8" from the tip of the bar to the tray and lightly glue it in place on all 4 sides.

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