Full Spectrum Ruida 6445 Retrofit

Full Spectrum H-Series with Ruida

Items Needed

Accessory Connection (CN1)

CN1-1 GND (Black)

CN1-4 Status (Green)

CN1-5 Wind (White)

CN1-6 +24V: (Red)



  1. Door Switch: [CN2]-1 and [CN2]-2

DM322E Stepper Driver

DM322E User Manual

The Hobby Laser needs 2 DM322E’s for each of the X and Y Axis. Add a third one if you want to use a rotary axis
Right Connector Block (P1)
  • ENA: [AXIS]-3 +5V 
  • OPTO: [AXIS]-3 +5V
  • PUL: [AXIS]-2 PUL/CW
Left Connector Block (P2)
  • B-:
  • B+:
  • A-:
  • A+:
  • +Vdc: PW3 – 24V
  • GND: PW3 – G

Power Supply (PW)

Laser Power Supply
Left Terminal Block 1 (PW1)
  • L-: Laser Tube (Low Voltage)
  • FG: Ground (Chassis)
  • AC: 120V (White)
  • AC: 120V (Black)
Middle Terminal Block 2 (PW2)
  • G: 
  • P: 
  • L: [CN5]-2 L-On1
  • G: [CN5]-1 Ground
  • IN: [CN5]-3 LPWM1
  • 5V: Not Used
Right Terminal Block 3 (PW3)
  • 24V: [CN0]-1
  • G: [CN0]-2
  • 5V: Laser Pointer
  • L: Not Used

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