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Cherokee Makerspace is where the community comes together to learn, build, or teach technical skills. It’s more than just a space with tools. It is where you invent, create, and support personalized learning.

Like many non-profits, COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of our operations. We need you now more than ever as we navigate through these challenges.

Firestorm Robotics

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Innovation Starts Early. We believe that kids should learn technical skills at a young age so they can see the world as an innovator and problem solver.

Cherokee Makerspace is founded by Firestorm Robotics. We serve students from Etowah, Woodstock, and River Ridge High Schools.

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Our facility is managed and supported by members and your generous donation of funds, supplies and equipment is vital to our mission and existence.

Will you donate to help us survive and sustain so that we can continue to provide new opportunities for personalized learning?

FIRST Robotics has made a huge impact on the kids in my team especially with my son, Andrew. I continue to mentor this team even after he graduated so more kids could benefit from this program. We give back to our community through our STEM-inspired community service.
Cherokee Makerspace was born out of a need for a permanent build space for the Etowah Electric Eagles robotics team. Since the team occupies the space for a few hours - 3 days a week, we opened it up to the public so our community can benefit from the incredible talent pool in our county.
John Witzigreuter
John Witzigreuter, PE
Cofounder / Engineering Mentor - Firestorm

Learn. Teach. Innovate.