Go Baby Go Adaptive Mobility

Giving kids with disabilities an opportunity to play.

Go Baby Go gives our members an opportunity to learn and use their STEM skills to do altruistic work. When kids help other kids, they develop compassion and empathy. The most life-changing inventions were created to help other people.

Hadley Hall
Hadley Hall
Hadley has spina bifida and couldn't drive with the original two-handed, tank-style controls. Her parents contacted Firestorm Robotics (previously Etowah Electric Eagles) about creating an off-road wheelchair so their daughter could play outdoors.
Her first ride. Too precious.
This video was taken during her first morning out. As she drives her new off-road wheelchair down the sidewalk, she pauses to ask a neighbor if she wants to play with her. Her ride is low to the ground, so it won't tip over if she drives over the curb. It is also able to handle lawns with ease.

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Kessley Hales
Kessley Hales A fun loving girl with cerebral palsy
She is Kessley Hales, the daughter of a Holly Springs police officer. She has cerebral palsy and needed the security of a seat harness. We retrofitted her favorite pink car seat and prewired the charger, so her mom didn't have to remove the seat to recharge the battery. We added blue ground effects lighting so she will be more visible at night. Don't you think it looks like it came out of the factory that way?
As seen on TV.
We pioneered the booster seat retrofit with a 5-point harness to keep her safe. It worked so well the wheelchair was featured in WSBTV and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
Holiday Wheels of Hope
Holiday Wheels of Hope with Rotary Club
December 2019 - Firestorm Robotics made four more wheelchairs and presented them to the young drivers during the annual Holiday Lights of Hope at Hobgood Park. We added parental-override remotes on these that later became standard on all the wheelchairs we make. This was made possible by donations from Cobb EMC Edu and the Rotary District Grant. It was the first district grant ever awarded to an Interact Club.

Go Baby Go is a ride-on program at the University of Delaware that builds cars for children with disabilities. It has hundreds of chapters worldwide, but having our own makerspace allowed Firestorm Robotics to innovate and customize the wheelchairs to the needs of every family.

Know anyone who needs a ride?

We plan to restart this project in the near future. For the meantime, send us a message.

Interact FIRST Alliance
Interact FIRST Alliance
Interact FIRST Alliance was a group of 5 FIRST Robotics Teams across 2 Rotary districts in Georgia that are also Interact Clubs. Our goal was to leverage the combined brain trust to help more kids. It was founded in 2019 by Firestorm Robotics, but unfortunately, four teams retired during the COVID-19 pandemic. Being the last team standing, we didn't have enough volunteers and funding to keep it going.
Rotary District Conference
Rotary District Conference
Interact Club of Etowah HS President Andrew Cua speaks at the Rotary District Conference. This project was District 6910's most impactful service project by an Interact Club in a few short years. The team was invited to speak at multiple locations soon after, and the project was also featured in The Rotarian.
innovation Race Movie
Innovation Race Movie
Our wheelchair was used in the movie Innovation Race as part of an award-winning science fair project.