Cube Pro

Mosquito Magnum with 450°C Vanadium Hotend

Print Size:
275mm x 275mm x 230mm
10.827″ x 10.827″ x 9.055″

Cube Pro
Table of Contents

Advanced Users Only

This printer has been modded and no longer has the stock controller and extruder. It’s a work in progress so please check this page frequently as is constantly being updated. We only have profiles for Simplify3D and will be porting the settings to Prusa Slicer once it is tested thoroughly.

Duet 3D

This version of our Cube Pro uses Duet 3D, a 32-bit controller running Reprap Firmware for setup and customization.

Printing Instructions

  1. Clean garolite bed with IPA.
  2. Cut a bevel at the end of the filament, straighten about 2″ of the end and insert it into the filament tube just stopping short of the Bondtech extruder.
  3. On the Duet 3D web interface, advance extruder about 100mm and gently push the filament in until the Bondtech gears catch the filament.


  • 12/29/20 – Moved Y-axis limit switch to the front so the new Home position will be left-front instead of left-back.