Prusa i3 Mk2.5s

(RAMBo 13a)

Prusa MK2.5s
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We use PrusaSlicer for all our 3D printers. Download our latest configuration bundle on Github and start printing!

OctoPrint / Spaghetti Detective

This printer is connected to a print server that is capable of watching your prints and pausing the print job if it detects a problem. Our Prusa configuration bundle allows you to send print jobs wirelessly to the machine while you are inside the Makerspace. 

Using the Printer

  1. Clean steel sheet with IPA and carefully install it over the magnetic bed.
  2. Change to the correct sheet on the printer control panel.
  3. Cut a bevel at the end of the filament, straighten about 2″ of the end, and insert it into the hole on the print head.
  4. Select Load Filament on the control panel and wait until the extruder grabs the filament.
  5. Prepare your model in Prusa Slicer. Make sure you select the correct filament type. Slice your model and send it to Octoprint.
  6. From Octoprint, select your file, click on Print.
  7. Some filament may ooze from the nozzle as the extruder heats up. Remove with tweezers as they can cause print failures.
  8. Do not leave the printer unattended during the first 2 to 3 layers.

Removable Steel Sheets

Prusa steel sheets are double-sided. Clean with 90% Isopropyl Alcohol. Acetone will damage the surface. The Z-offsets below are the last known settings for a successful first layer. 

Type Profile Name Z-Offset
Smooth PEI Smooth1
Textured PEI Textur1 -1.067

Maintenance Log

  • 05/12/2021 – Greased Z-Axis Bearings
  • 05/11/2021 – Replaced and Greased X-Axis Linear LM8UU Bearings
  • 05/04/2021 – Replaced Y Linear Bearings with Drylin LM8UU Equivalents
  • 03/11/2021 – Set up OctoPrint
  • 03/09/2021 – Firmware updated to 3.9.3