Prusa i3 Mk3

w/ MMU2s - Firmware 3.9.3

Prusa MK3s MMU2s
This printer is owned and maintained by Firestorm Robotics. Please ask permission before running any print jobs.
Table of Contents

PrusaSlicer / OctoPrint

Removable Steel Sheets

Prusa steel sheets are double sided. Clean with 90% Isopropyl Alcohol. Acetone will damage the surface.

Type Profile Name Z-Offset
Smooth PEI Smooth1
Textured PEI Textur1 -1.067

Printing Instructions

  1. Clean steel sheet with IPA and install it over the magnetic bed. Make sure sheet is flat.
  2. Turn on printer and select the type of sheet in the control panel.
  3. Cut a bevel at the end of the filament, straighten about 2″ of the end and insert it into the filament tube just stopping short of the MMU2s unit.
  4. Select Load Filament on the control panel and wait until the filament selector is in the correct position before gently pushing the filament in until the MMU2s catches the filament. The MMU2s will pull the filament in about an inch and then back out to the correct position.
  5. Repeat for the other filaments you want to preload.
  6. Prepare your model in Prusa Slicer. Make sure you select the correct filament type. Slice your model and send it to Octoprint.
  7. From Octoprint, select your file, click on Print and then choose the Filament number you want to use. The printer will automatically preheat and load the first filament to the nozzle. 

Maintenance Log

  • 10/25/20 – Replaced Bed Thermistor, Performed Bed Leveling
  • 03/09/21 – Updated firmware to 3.9.3