Robo 3D R1+

Buildtak FlexPlate System

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We use PrusaSlicer for all our 3D printers. Download our latest configuration bundle on Github and start printing!

OctoPrint / Spaghetti Detective

This printer is connected to a print server that is capable of watching your prints and pausing the print job if it detects a problem. Our Prusa configuration bundle allows you to send print jobs wirelessly to the machine while you are inside the Makerspace. 

Quick Start Guide

  1. CLEAN PRINT BED with IPA and carefully install it over the magnetic bed.
  2. PREHEAT nozzle and wait for it to reach the correct temperature.
  3. BEVEL CUT and straighten the end of the filament.
  4. LOAD FILAMENT and rotate large gear clockwise to advance until the filament comes out of the extruder.
  5. SLICE your model and SEND to OctoPrint.
  6. PRINT and monitor progress from OctoPrint and TSD App.
  7. STICK AROUND – Filament may continue to ooze from the nozzle as the extruder heats up. Remove with tweezers as they can cause your print to fail. Do not leave the printer unattended during the first 3 layers.

Maintenance Log

  • 2021/06/30 – Installed dual part fans, updated PrusaSlicer to ramp cooling for first 4 layers.