C02 Laser

Full Spectrum H-Series 20x12

Our Full Spectrum Hobby Laser is located near the wood shop. You must take the Laser Basics class before you may use the device.

Required Software

  1. Retina Engrave V4.43 for Windows
    Our laser cutter / engraver is connected to the network and requires RE to be connected at all times. Mac users should have Windows 10 running on Boot Camp or Parallels.
  2. InkScape (Mac / Windows)
    Free and open source vector graphics editor. The user interface is not as intuitive or polished as commercially available alternatives such as Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer but InkScape can open CAD files.

Using the Laser

  1. Check that the flexible hose is connected to the laser cutter and exhaust duct.
  2. Check that the water is clean and filled halfway. Change with new distilled water every 3 months.
  3. Check that water and air pumps are operating properly.

Recommended Reading

Tested Settings

Material Vector Raster
PET Sheet
Full Spectrum Laser
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